Jenga is way more fun with ammunition

Jenga (defense)

While I set out to make a game of jenga, trying to see if I could do the same thing with cannon.js as they do with the Physi.js example, I ended up figuring out how to build the tower iteratively (hint: lay three, rotate, lay three... not to complicated!) then just having way more fun blowing up the tower with projectiles. So I give you, the new and improved Jenga game.

It does not, of course, have a purpose. Or score. Or players. But you can shoot projectiles at a big tower and watch it explode, which is more than enough fun for me. WebGL is dangerous for me because halfway through a project I often realize I have already built something more than fun enough to entertain myself, so I stop there and play with it all day.

Controls are simple:

  • click/drag to move the camera ( or hold 'a' and move mouse)
  • hold 's' and move mouse to zoom
  • hold 'd' and move mouse to pan
  • shift + click -> shoot ball towards wherever the camera is looking, from the camera position

This will only work on modern browsers (Chrome) with webGL enabled (Safari and Firefox support webGL but you may have to enable it). Play with it here